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The hottest and fattest of all our soapbars harnessing all the power of a high output humbucker with the frequency response of a true single coil.

The Warpig 90, or 'Pig 90 as it's known, was born from customer requests for a P90 version of the Warpig humbucker and has been made to order since 2003. Demand has been such that it simply had to join the ranks formally in the official Bare Knuckle range.

The colossal output of the 'Pig 90 is derived from a pair of custom size Alnico V bar magnets and scatter-wound coils of 45 AWG wire. The tone is truly deserving of the term 'fat' with deep, rich bottom-end, throaty mids and sweet highs. Single notes have incredible weight behind them and chords have serious intensity. High gain applications are easily handled with individual notes always sounding full and defined no matter how saturated the tone.

Although the main role of the 'Pig 90 is for handling overdrive, it never loses sight of its true P90 character. Producing really solid contemporary clean tones as well as powerful driven tones, it's equally at home with slide guitar as it is extreme metal.




Bridge DC:

21.5KΩ *
Alnico V

Neck DC:

15KΩ *
Alnico V

*all DC resistances are approximate