Bare Knuckle Pickups

Bare Knuckle Pickups, eine kleine Company im Südwesten von England, bietet handgewickelte Pickups an. Wir haben sie getestet und sind überzeugt von der Qualität und natürlich vom Sound. TOP! Nicht umsonst bauen wir Bareknuckle Pickups auch in unsere B&L Custom Guitars ein. Wir haben immer Bareknuckle Pickups vorrätig, teilweise zu Demozwecke auch in Gitarren eingebaut, wir erfüllen Eure Soundvorstellungen...

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  • Bareknuckle Pat Pend Series '63 Veneer Board Single Coil Set Aged!

    Pickups » Bare Knuckle Pickups » Strats » Vintage

    nun gibt es von Bareknuckle auch ein richtiges Vintage correct Set, der legendären 63 Pickups...Wir haben dieses ausdrucksstarke Set in der richtigen "Aged-Version" am Lager!

    63 Veneer Board SetMarking the change to a thinner rosewood 'veneer' board, the '63 Veneer Board set is based on some of the slightly hotter coils from'63 & '64 with the slightly smaller diameter Alnico V magnets. While veneer board Strats are usually brighter than slab board Strats, the hotter wind helps to add body to the tone while the smaller hand bevelled magnets focus the magnetism under the strings. With deeper bottom-end than the '59 Slab Board set and a more solid high-end, chords carry plenty of weight with a very full, piano-like ring to each note. As with both sets, the coils are scatter-wound with Heavy Formvar wire for wide frequency response and exceptional pick dynamics.



  • Bareknuckle Pickups Blackguard Tele® Series - Flat '50 tele Aged Version

    Pickups » Bare Knuckle Pickups » Tele » Vintage

    Historisch korrekte Vintage Pickups von Bareknuckle nun auch für die Tele! Hier die legendären "Flat 50's" in korrekter "Aged Version" ab Lager lieferbar!

    Blackguard Tele® Series - Flat '50 tele

    Based on player requests for Telecaster® tones from specific eras and backed up by meticulous research, the Blackguard Tele® Series is a collection of four classic Tele® sets ranging from the original 'blackguard' Teles® of 1950 through to later 1968 models.

    Scatter-wound by hand with 43AWG plain enamel wire on both bridge and neck, these coils are pure Broadcaster heaven. This is the hottest of the four sets (Flat ‘50, Flat ‘52, ‘55 Stagger and ‘68 Stagger) with a thicker zinc plated steel baseplate, flat profile magnets and authentic vintage 'flat top' deep-drawn brass cover; the Flat 50s have a simply massive sound. Chunky bottom-end and snarling mids create a throaty tone with excellent natural sustain that can really push a tube amp hard.

  • Aftermath Set Bridge + Neck Pickup matched

    Pickups » Bare Knuckle Pickups » Humbucker » Contemporary

    neue colle Optik...nennt sich Tyger

    Wir haben ein Bareknuckle Aftermath Set in dieser Optik da

    gematched Hals + Steg Pickup,


    Short legs



    Accelerated bass response for exceptionally fast tracking of high-speed staccato riffing with crushing mid range and precise high-end articulation; perfect for the modern metal guitarist.

    The Aftermath humbucker features a symmetrically hand-wound twin screw coil design and is powered by 3 custom size ceramic magnets. The bottom-end responds quickly to pick attack and tracks fast riffing extremely accurately, mids are focused and intense for ultimate punch no matter how dense the mix or how low the tuning and highs are precise and articulate. With a more compressed dynamic, single notes have masses of sustain while the front of the note is clear-cut and defined even under extreme amounts of gain.

    The Aftermath neck humbucker is Alnico V powered and voiced for fat, powerful clean tones, fluid vocal-like sustain when driven hard and good balance with the bridge humbucker.

    As with all Bare Knuckle humbuckers, 4 conductor hook-up not only allows access to standard series (humbucking) tone but also parallel wiring (still hum cancelling) or selection of either individual coil for total versatility.




    Bridge DC:

    14.7KΩ *

    Neck DC:

    11.5KΩ *
    Alnico V

    *all DC resistances are approximate


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