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  • Lollar "Imperial" Humbucker Set Low Wind

    Pickups » Lollar Pickups » Humbucker

    idealer PAF typischer Ton für "335-style" Gitarren...durch die etwas weniger Wicklungen ergibt sich ein toller brillianterer und holziger Ton.

  • Lollar "Jazzmaster" Style Pickup Set

    Pickups » Lollar Pickups » Jazzmaster

    Lollar Jazzmaster Set gewickelt nach den original Specs. Alnico V Pole Pieces. Overwound Bridge Pickup für einen satteren Lead tone und eine funky Mittelposition....

    Pickup Kappen parchment

  • Lollar "Lollartron" Humbucker Set

    Pickups » Lollar Pickups » Humbucker

    Wir haben es auf Lager!

    Lollartron Humbucker Set (Neck+Bridge) für den amtlichen "Gretschigen Sound" in "normaler Humbucker Grösse"

    chrome Cover



    This was more like the dragon chasing us - over the years it's been one of our most requested pickup designs. Of course, we had to add our own twists, including sizing it to drop into a standard humbucker rout. A2 magnets, custom covers, lot's of attitude.

    Starting with a '60s Country Gentleman as a benchmark, we went after the classic rock-a-billy 'bucker tone, adding some Lollar "secret sauce" along the way. The neck pickup is warm and buttery, with a clear, present top end. The bridge pickup is fat and honky, with a rich low end and great clarity. Combined, they sparkle and spank with clarity and punch. They'll cover everything from "OZ" rock to "Nashville Super Pickers" to "Hot Rods and Hot Babes"... Go Man, Go!


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